La Nuit
De La Glisse

Trajectory of life

On Tour form Nov 23 to Dec 17

La Nuit De La Glisse is back this fall! LIVE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE After two years of intense filming, La Nuit De La Glisse is back! Reconnect with nature and rediscover snow sports as you’ve never seen them before.

The program:

A selection of short films featuring the heroes of La Nuit de la Glisse: Kai Lenny, Joan Duru, Davide Carrera, Lucas Chianca, Benjamin Sanchis, Marc Lacomare, Toby Cunningham, Pedro Scooby, Wadeck Gorak.

RESET, NDG Cinema’s latest film with Matahi Drollet, Vahine Fierro, TIkanui Smith, Lorenzo Avvenenti, Davide Carrera, Nikolai Schirmer, Krister Kopala, Jamie Lee and Malachi Templeton.

With the voice-over of Vincent Cassel, and original music by Joris Voorn

An evening animated on stage by a presenter and prizes to be won!